Photo of wildflowers from seed paper

Help Save the bees by planting our wildflower Paper.

Supporting Bees, The Earth, Our Future.

We have something new and exciting here at Crafty Screen! We are passionate about the environment, not only do we use recycled packaging, stock eco friendly inks and cleaning solutions, we are now doing what we can for the bees. We are now sending out seed paper with every order so you can plant bee loving wildflowers in your green spaces. We can’t wait for you to fill your gardens and homes with pretty flowers.

Why Bees?

Honey isn’t the only thing bees give us. They also provide us with food by pollinating a huge range of crops, not to mention wild plants. But like many other parts of the natural world, bees are at risk.

In the UK, we have about 270 species, including honey bees, and they’re responsible for pollinating 80% of our wildflowers. They also pollinate important crops like apples, beans, squashes and almonds, providing us with a free but vitally important service.

If bees disappear, we’d have big problems producing enough food. So it’s worrying that, like many other insects, bee numbers are plummeting. A third of UK bees have disappeared in the last 10 years and a quarter of European species are at risk of extinction. Bee losses are particularly concerning because they are more efficient pollinators than other animals. Studies have shown bee-pollinated foods can be bigger and healthier.

The most significant threat to bees and other insects is the loss of their natural habitat. Bees and other pollinators rely on wildflower meadows for food and shelter. This is why we have chose to support this cause by giving our customers the opportunity to encourage these important creatures into our gardens.

How to Use our Seed Paper

Tear me up and soak me in water for a minute, then put me in a pot under 1cm of soil.

Keep me well watered and place me in a sunniest spot of the house. Watch me grow!

Plant me outside in Spring or Autumn when my roots are strong.