flat lay of transfer foil printing equipment



  1. 1x Screen
  2. 1x Stencil
  3. 1x Transfer foil glue
  4. 1x Transfer Foil 
  5. 1x Squeegee
  6. 1x Iron or Heat Press


  1. Hinges or a hinge board kit
  2. Squand Squeegee Stand
  3. Goop scoop
  4. Eco Cleaning products
  5. Heat Gun


Create your Stencil! You can do this a number a different ways. using the Emulsion method, vinyl cut method or using a paper stencil Method..

We have created a stencil out of YUPO paper for our demo and attached it to the back of our screen using our low tack screen tape

Step 2

After you have secured your stencil to your screen place the item you are printing onto under your screen and  add transfer Foil glue to the top of your design, we do this using a goop scoop but you can use a spatula or wooden sticks to do this as well.

(We also use screen hinges and  a board to make the screen more secure for printing)


The Fun Part!

Flood your screen by swiping your squeegee down over the glue, dragging it to the bottom of the design. Then pull the squeegee down several times over the design pushing the glue through the mesh. This will transfer the glue through the screen and onto your fabric.




You then wait until the glue has dried, you can leave this to air dry or uses heat gun to do this. You will know the glue has dried when it starts to go transparent.


Next place your foil over the top of your print, we have a great colour options available meaning you can be creative as possible with this.

Place a protective piece of paper over the top of the foil and using a Iron, swipe across the top of the print, making sure that the print area gets nice and hot as it needs to be up to 150 degrees for the foil to stick to the glue.


Wait for your print too fully cool.

Starting from the bottom right hand corner peel away the foil to reveal your print.


Hinge Board flat lay image

How To Make a Hinged Board for Screen Printing

Using a hinged board to screen print onto paper is an easy way to create professional prints at home, essentially you are making your very own print press, that is portable, cheap and can be used to print paper, card, or fabric. It allows you to register layered prints and print in identical editions. Why wouldn’t you set one up!


Ideally You will need a board at least the same width and slightly longer than your screen. It needs to be a smooth, rigid, wipeable surface. Laminated melamine. We use our hinge board Print kit to create this as it includes all the bits you will need for the job.

However, you could use any sturdy board that you have, MDF would be perfect! We suggest the board being at least 20mm in depth.

You may want to use your board for different sized screens so make sure your hinge clamps are close enough to accommodate all the sizes you would like to print.


Here is how we made ours


STEP 1 . Use a marker pen and a ruler to create a guideline and to mark through the holes on the hinge clamps.



STEP 2. Drill holes where you have marked the board, using an electric drill.



STEP 3. Screw the hinge clamps down to the board.



STEP 4. Secure the screen into the hinge clamps by turning the wingnuts. You should now be able to lift your screen up and down.