Screen Printing isn’t just for T-shirt’s ! We tested out printing onto alternative surfaces and wanted to show you how to print a cute rainbow design onto cork coasters.

Step 1

Download our rainbow stencil from our website for free. Carefully cut out your chosen rainbow onto stencil paper, We are using Yupo paper.

Step 2.

Tape your stencil to the underside of your screen, using a low tack waterproof tape.

Step 3.

place your coaster under the screen ( stencil will be facing downwards, touching the coaster) using a wooden stirring stick or a spatula add your chosen colours to the top of your rainbow design. We use a trio of colours to create a multicoloured effect, the inks we use in this design are Crafty Screens Quacking Yellow, Flamingo Wing Pink and Sealife Blue.

Step 4

Using a squeegee pull the ink downwards over your design, repeating this action a couple of times. This will push the ink through the screen and onto the surface of the coaster.

Step 5

leave your coasters to dry 24 hours before use.

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