There is nothing better then a homemade Christmas, especially after the year that we have had, receiving a homemade card or gift just shows that special someone that you care. This year at Crafty Screen we have created our own unique gift wrap, not only does it look beautiful under your Christmas tree it has been printed with our Eco-friendly Waterbased inks.

It’s such an easy way of making your gift wrap personal and unique as you can print a variety of designs and customize them with lettering for that extra personal touch. We are using a roll of brown Kraft wrapping paper which you can purchase from most craft stores, alternatively, you could upcycle some old fabric and use the same technique to make fabric wrap which you can recycle year after year! simply wrap your gift and tie it with a bow.


Find an image you would like to print with, we have chosen a bold classic Star print. We have a selection of free templates available on our website for you to try, including this design.

Grab a craft knife and a cutting mat, and draw or trace your design onto your choice of stencil paper, we are using Yupo Paper but Freezer paper works just as well, You can then proceed in cutting away the parts of your design you want to print.

TOP TIP-You can also place your image on top of your stencil paper, secure it with tape, and cut through both the image and the stencil paper.


roll out your choice of wrapping paper

Place your image on to the top of your screen mesh and secure it with a low tack tape, you can also tape any part of the screen that is exposed this will stop any unwanted ink from escaping through the screen.

flip your screen over and place it on your paper (see below image). Your stencil will be under the mesh at this point and your frame will mesh side down.


Using a wooden stick or a spatula place a generous amount of Waterbased Ink towards the top side of the screen just above your image, we are using Crafty Screen’s Raven Black but you can use and colour that you like.

Grab a Squeegee and pull the ink downwards using even pressure, repeat if necessary, it may take a few swipes.



Repeat the process as many times as you like, simply move your screen across your paper and pull your squeegee! you can add as little or as much design as you like, we have used a fairly large design to give a modern effect.


Leave your design to air-dry overnight, you can then start wrapping your gifts!

You can even create your matching gift tags by repeating your design on to plain tags or create your own by printing onto spare card and adding a punched hole and ribbon.


Download our free Screen Printing guide >>>> HERE