Why and How to Clean Your Screen Printing Equipment

Why and How to Clean Your Screen Printing Equipment

In the world of screen printing, maintaining your screens is as crucial as choosing the right design or ink.


Clean and clear screens are the foundation for high-quality prints, ensuring consistent results and extending the lifespan of your valuable equipment.


Over time, ink build up, emulsion residue, and other contaminants can accumulate on screens, leading to clogged meshes, poor ink adhesion, and compromised image quality.

Regular cleaning and reclaiming of your screen printing frames are essential practices that prevent these issues and keep your screens performing at their best. This guide will provide you with a comprehensive step-by-step process for cleaning and reclaiming your screens, ensuring your screen printing equipment remains in top condition.

Gathering the Tools and Materials

Before getting started on cleaning  your screen you want to make sure you have the necessary tools and materials:

  • Screen printing frame (The frame you want to clean and reclaim)
  • Emulsion remover: A chemical solution specifically designed to remove emulsion from screens. Some popular emulsion removers include:
  • Squeegee: A tool used to spread the emulsion remover evenly across the screen.
  • Brush/pad: A dedicated cleaning brush/pad for scrubbing and removing stubborn ink or emulsion residue.
  • Gloves: To protect your hands from the chemicals used in the process.
  • Water hose or bucket: For rinsing the screen after applying the emulsion remover.
  • Paper towels or rags: For drying the screen thoroughly.


A Step-by-Step Cleaning and Reclaiming Process

Step 1

Initial Cleaning

Begin by removing any excess ink from the screen using a paper towel or rag.


If there is significant ink build up, use a mild soap solution to gently scrub the ink away. Rinse the screen thoroughly with water to remove any remaining soap residue.


Step 2

Applying Emulsion Remover

Before starting this step please wear protective gloves and ensure you have adequate ventilation.


Apply a generous amount of emulsion remover to the screen. Ensure the emulsion remover covers the entire screen evenly.


Step 3

Scrubbing and Emulsion Removal

Allow the emulsion remover to sit on the screen for a few minutes to soften the emulsion.


Using a dedicated brush/pad, gently scrub the screen to remove the loosened emulsion. Pay close attention to the areas where ink build up was most prominent.


Step 4

Rinsing and Drying

Rinse the screen thoroughly with water to remove all emulsion remover and loose emulsion residue.


Hold the screen at an angle to allow the water to flow freely through the mesh. Once the water runs clear, use paper towels or rags to dry the screen completely.


Step 5

Inspection and Repeat

Inspect the screen for any remaining emulsion residue. If necessary, repeat the application of emulsion remover and scrubbing steps until the screen is completely clean and free of emulsion.


Step 6

Deep Cleaning (Optional)

For stubborn ink build up or heavily soiled screens, consider using a screen degreaser to remove any oily or greasy residue.

Follow the instructions on the degreaser product for proper application and safety precautions.

Additional Tips for Effective Screen Cleaning and Reclaiming

  • To minimise the need for frequent cleaning and reclaiming, clean your screens after each use to prevent ink build up.
  • Establish a regular cleaning schedule to maintain your screens in optimal condition.
  • Use gentle scrubbing and avoid excessive force to prevent damage to the screen mesh.
  • When not in use, store your screens in a clean, dry place to prevent contamination and damage.

Clean and reclaimed screens are the cornerstone of high-quality screen printing.


By following these simple yet effective cleaning and reclaiming techniques, you can ensure your screens remain in top condition, producing sharp, vibrant prints.


Remember, regular maintenance is key to extending the lifespan of your screens and keeping your screen printing passion alive.